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Raven Claw Ring Organic

Raven Claw Ring Organic

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Behind our little locale we have a corvine chapel & catacomb. A place where the factory familiars take vows to our Master, JdV. And when our retiring Ravens choose to depart corvine incarnation and transmogrify into bat or feline or some other felicitous phantasm, they lay their carrion in our chapel catacomb.

To retrieve their beloved bones without hex, we may send only the most superstitious of our employ. Paradoxically one may not enter a corvine catacomb in a state of phantom phobia. "C'est impossible!" I hear you say? Not entirely, we sidestep these opposing caveats by sending our skeleton solicitors in a somnambulistic trance, inoculated with both intrinsic superstition and temerarious tenacity.

Once retrieved we transubstantiate the talonous claw into silver and attach to a molten ring with 7mm black sapphire. The outcome this runic finger jewel, just for you! // Oxidised sterling silver, black sapphire